Frequently Uttered Questions
What's your damage?
This site is slopped together for contemplation/development.
Can I buy something from here?  
Yes; Feel free to inquire.
I have a painting and print of yours that aren't included here; Can I send you a photo of it to post, so that's it's worth a lot of money after you get your head out of your ass and finally make some really good art?
Yes; please. I like to collect, compare, contrast, and compost.
I have an old painting of yours that isn't varnished; Should I?
I'd recommend it (for protection, vibrancy, and sharpness); With Liquitex matte or gloss varnish. I've produced good results; First cleaning the old acrylic paintings with a damp rag, then making the smallest possible touchups (when necessary) with acrylic paint. Hit me up if you'd like more advice etc.

Thank you!
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