Frequently Uttered Questions
What gives? I find connecting the dots and revisiting/questioning lessons learned oddly mildly interesting/entertaining - Every once in a while.
What's next? I'll round up, and post, more photos of old acrylic paintings (lots to add/getting an itch to make more in that style/find them interesting - Perhaps because they're studies). I've also been screwing around with drawings from the last two years on the computer that will make their way here in some new galleries. Every section could use serious work - All in good time.
I have a painting (or print) of yours that isn't included here; Can I send you a photo of it to post? Yes; Please - I'm also up for the mobile cleaning, touching up, and varnishing of old pieces, or I could recommend a procedure; I've done a lot of it in the last two years and it makes a big difference in the look and longevity department.

Thank you!
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