Frequently Uttered Questions
What gives? This site is slopped together in more ways than a few to contemplate and provide a framework to build on.
What's next? I'll round up, and post, more photos of old and new "work" when I feel like it.
I have a painting (or print) of yours that isn't included here; Can I send you a photo of it to post for posterity? Yes; please: I like to collect, compare, and contrast. I'm also up for the mobile cleaning, touching up, signing (on the back), and varnishing of old pieces, or I could recommend a procedure. I've done a lot of it in the last two years and it makes a big difference in the look and longevity department. 
Can I buy something from here?  Maybe; some of this stuff is in my basement, some has sold, some destroyed etc. I'm allergic to the post office and packaging, so expect inflated prices (please don't take it personal). You're very welcome to make a request.
Thanks for having a look; keeps the gears turning.

Thank you!
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